Looking Towards the Future

Nonstop innovation

Our company has a staff of over 100 professionals with extensive training and experience in the manufacture and production of advertising displays for POS.

Following approval of design, materials, and final prototype, our workshop begins the displays’ creative process. Always valuing the high-quality standards and scrupulous production deadlines that characterise us.

We turn noteworthy displays into attractive creations with our 200+ state-of-the-art equipment and latest technological gear.

Raw materials meet all prevailing requirements and quality regulations. To ensure this, our company has established an assessment method and requires type approval from all our suppliers.

Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL treats and purifies its waste water with a Physiochemical Sewage Treatment Plant to reintegrate it into the environment.

Committed to Your Success

Secure shipments within stipulated deadlines

Having our own shipping & handling (S&H) set-up allows us for greater swiftness, responsiveness, and commitment to customers.

Several types of vehicles and our own loading docks for large tonnage trucks, allow us to handle both national and international operations.

Our order S&H crew is highly qualified for product packaging and palletisation procedures by way of a meeting on best shipping practices.

We always put safety first where all options and materials are concerned for a smooth and efficient shipment.