Cecotec Conga Robot Vacuum Cleaner Display Stand

Home cleaning robot vacuum cleaners have seen a notable surge in popularity in recent years, transforming the way people approach household chores.

These autonomous devices offer a convenient and efficient solution for keeping floors clean without requiring direct user intervention. Equipped with advanced technology such as mapping sensors and smart navigation, robot vacuum cleaners can trace optimal routes around furniture and obstacles, ensuring complete coverage of the surface to be cleaned.

The convenience that robot vacuum cleaners offer is one of the main drivers of their popularity. With the ability to schedule cleaning schedules or even control them through mobile apps, users can enjoy their free time while the robot does the cleaning for them.
This is the case of this recent project to promote the “Conga” Robot Vacuum Cleaner developed by the company Cecotec, a Spanish company founded in 1995 that stands out for offering a variety of products for the home and kitchen. It focuses on innovation and technology to provide practical and affordable solutions to its customers.

They offer a wide range of home appliances, such as kitchen robots, vacuum cleaners and robot vacuum cleaners, known for their quality, design and functionality at competitive prices. Cecotec is also committed to digitalization and connectivity in its products, allowing users to control and monitor their appliances from their mobile devices.

Additionally, the company is committed to sustainability and energy efficiency, using innovative technologies to reduce energy consumption and minimize the environmental impact of its products.


- One-piece metal display to promote “Conga” robotic vacuum cleaners by Cecotec

- Made with a curved tube structure, folded sheet metal base, black and white PVC graphic supports

- Letters of the “Conga” logo stand out from the graphic support giving a very original 3D effect

- Indoor storage area to deposit boxes of product

- Upper area made up of 2 sheets for displaying the robots

- Base with metal levelers to adapt furniture to any unevenness in the floor

- Side advertising with magnetic sheets to have the option of promotional changes

- Approximate volume: 115 cm wide x 79 cm deep x 140 cm high

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