The blister pack: Key player in pharmaceuticals.

When referring to this form of packaging, we are definitely talking about a game changer in the field.

Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL has carried out thousands of projects where these wrappers are at the fore. Whether dropping, over-the-counter, or display stands, they are perched on hooks, on brackets, or on aisle shelves.

Thanks to its accessibility and safety, the blister pack has become prominent in the pharmaceutical market due to effective product shielding and ease of use.

Its main feature is that it complies with the Federal Drug and Food Administration Code, which states: “Medical containers and closures cannot be reactive, additive or absorptive to guarantee safety, identity, efficacy, quality and purity of the product, beyond the official or established requirements. Closure systems must offer adequate protection against foreseeable external adverse conditions during storage and use, which could cause deterioration or contamination.”

Its low cost must also be added to the list of key points which justify the blister pack’s appeal. A study commissioned for the packaging of thirty medicinal tablets has revealed that using a blister pack as wrapper is 74% cheaper than using a glass bottle. Moreover, the savings in using a plastic container do not exceed 32%.

In addition, the blister pack allows for the use of assorted source materials designed to increase its airtightness. Its reliability also lies in its plasticity, fashioned to size according to distinct commercial requirements.

User benefits

When compared with jars or other containers, the blister pack stands out due to lack of product degradation by impact, is airtight and aseptic, facilitates tracking, and is childproof.

Manufacturing options

From a graphical point of view, blister packs offer interesting design possibilities. Similarly, its packaging rate is quite high, and it outputs reusable scraps. Shipping and storing are also extremely handy.

Furthermore, plastic wrappers are used nowadays for packaging solid as well as liquid products. In recent years, special blister packs have been designed for contact lenses and creams.

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