Different types of advertising media at the point of sale and its function

Advertising at the point of sale is that advertising that tries to influence the establishment itself. 

Known as PLV (advertising in the place of sale), it is an indispensable marketing tool that brings numerous benefits, and that can be carried out in a fast and cheap way through different large format supports, which allow a quick customization to adapt to each situation.


· Increases the brand image. 
· Makes space dynamic by adapting messages.
· Transmits special information. 
· Increases the desire to buy at the place of sale. 
· It attracts attention.

All this aimed at attracting attention and positively influencing the consumer, generating purchase intention. 

Advertising at the point of sale or PLV is done as its own name indicates, at the same point of sale. They do all kinds of shops, whether shops, restaurants, etc. in a physical way, both inside and outside.


We review the most popular media for point-of-sale advertising: 


Ideal for multiple uses, especially for decorating shop windows in a cheap, fast and easy way. 
Easy to position, they can adapt their design to the message to be transmitted. 
In addition, its wide variety of materials allows to be placed on glass, floor, walls, doors…


Different supports that given their large size and versatility allow to generate a great impact and be placed easily and simply in different strategic points. 

Through digital printing in large format, they allow the customization of the surface adapting to each situation.

. Totems or islands

The PLV totem displays are vertical structures with height made of metal although other types of materials are also used. They can be informative and informative and dispensers. 

The islands perform the same attractive function although they are larger and host much more product and promotional information.

Both are designed with striking shapes to attract the consumer to a certain point in the store, a shopping area, or at fairs and events.

. Over-counter displays 

Small structures to place on box lines or counters to dispense information or impulse purchase products.


Roll-up exhibitors that allow to express an idea or concept in large dimensions. 

It has a base foot, and inside it has a roller spring for quick and easy winding and development.


Very versatile communication supports that allow you to express an idea or concept in large dimensions. Formed by a canvas where the printed message is, and by an X-shaped support, which is mounted and disassembled very easily. 


Folding and easy-to-assemble display ideal for special product promotions.


Folding polyester fabric exhibitors whose most common use is to set different types of events and celebrations such as openings or re-openings. 


Ideal for outdoors to generate a great visual impact given its dimensions.


One of the "must" for any trade, its cheap price and customization capacity allow to obtain in a quick and simple way a good communicative tool for the point of sale. 

Easy and quick to also place and remove, allow us to adapt to the message to transmit or to the seasonality of the trade. 

Increases sales based on our goal or on a particular product/service.
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