Promotional packaging and its great ally: the display stand

Having an adequate promotional policy in your marketing plan is essential. It is customary to associate promotions with offers or balances and nothing could be further from the truth since its dimension is much wider.

All the large leading companies in their sector carry out promotions with different objectives (launches, recruitment, loyalty ...), promotional campaigns must be present in the commercial and communication planning of any company.

And without a doubt, promotional packaging is fundamental as a differential element, focusing on the exponential increase in the chances of success and adding added value to your business. 

Hundreds of products, companies and services try to make room in the minds of people in order for that product to be purchased or that service to be contracted.


Permite renovar la imagen de un producto, usar una estrategia de marketing determinada y acomodarla a una situación específica.

Allows you to refresh a product's image, use a specific marketing strategy, and accommodate it to a specific situation. 

Different options provide a world for the customer to be attracted to that particular product and service and  be a compelling reason to buy it for a specific purpose and within a limited period of time.

For example: 

· The anniversary of a brand. 
· The international day of an important event. 
· A new version of the product. 
· Offers. 
· Gifts. 
· Discounts. 
· Releases...

Their goal is to increase sales. This is why it is accompanied not only by a renewed image, but also by a new display that can attract more attention to the product.


When a certain brand decides to choose a certain product and relaunch it to the market, the marketing department gets down to work to know what are the requirements that the new packaging must have to impact the customer.

And for all that, packaging is key. After all, it's going to be the product presentation. This will give him that special factor aligned with a concise marketing strategy and clear objectives.


A good promotional packaging must meet the following requirements: 

UAn original and creative design. The design should surprise and be able to attract attention above others. 

Sustainable packaging. Being sustainable has become a maxim for any company. So when choosing the materials of your packaging remember: always recyclable.

A call to action. Ask yourself, what do you want me to do with that product? Do you want to be known on social media? Do you want them to consult similar products? 

An added value. In addition to the product you must try that the same container has a double function. A piggy bank? A puzzle? Let your imagination run wild.


If after a great job in the design and preparation of the promotional packaging this you hide it at the point of sale, you will have made a huge mistake, therefore, having a great exhibitor to show it and attract the public is fundamental.

One must not fall into the error of exposing those little treasures in the wrong place. If you want the product to come to stand out, you must choose a display adapted for that purpose and following the conceptual and graphic line of the campaign, for that it is necessary to have a large company of manufacture of custom displays like Manufacturas Metallurgicas RSL.

If that same product, completely redesigned, is placed only on a common shelf, its impact will be infinitely less than expected, few consumers will know that it is a limited or special version or that it is a product in promotion.

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