Simulation in 3D. Essential in the manufacturing process of a PLV display.

Point-of-sale advertising through a PLV display is essential for consumers to choose their purchase for a particular product, especially in cases where they come to the store without a preconditional idea of what they are going to buy.

The design of the display must be consistent with the promoted product and comply with the indications marked by the customer in reference to the corporate image of the company and campaign. 

Sometimes our customers provide us with a sketch or design to which our creative team brings their expertise and professionalism always looking to improve the structure taking into account among other factors the materials to be used.

When not providing any sketches, the customer conveys to our team the idea that already has formed what he wants, either because he has been inspired by others used in previous campaigns, because he has viewed our catalog or web or perhaps some that he has observed in some commerce and that has caught his attention. 

As this is the starting point we start working on a unique project customized and exclusive to the customer by adapting to their request and the product to be promoted.

At this time and thanks to new technologies and 3D simulations we offer the customer the visualization of what is going to be like after it is manufactured, giving him the certainty of what the display will look like to meet their expectations.


Without a doubt, new technologies and design software are decisive in the creative process.

The techniques used are similar to those used in the video game industry, flight or driving simulators capable of accurately recreating reality. 

So, these techniques can simulate in the same way the whole process of creating an exhibitor offering a perfect recreation of the final product without the need to build it physically.

This reduces costs as it is not necessary to build it and offers the opportunity to make all the desired changes even by presenting several options until you find the desired final product. 

At this point, Manufacturas Metalúrgicas, RSL, working with all kinds of materials provides us with great added value since multiple alternatives and combinations can be contemplated both aesthetically and economically.

At this point the project and final budget for the number of units required for the campaign is approved and the manufacturing process is passed on.​​​​​​​

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