Advertising and information display stands

There are many types of display stands differentiated by their location,  features and dimensions, materials used, elements integrated into the structure...

 For their functionality, there are essentially two types:

- Dispensers:
With product exposed for the consumer to access them for purchase.
- Advertising and information: Those that show a product or several with functions purely advertizing and informative on the properties of the product.

In this article we will tell you about the latter.

In Manufacturas Metalúrgicas, RSL, SL we cover any type of project and although it is true that the large number of work carried out would be of dispensing exhibitors we also receive numerous orders to design, to make and to implant purely advertising exhibitors.

As we point out, these exhibitors are characterized by showing one or more products with the purpose purely demonstrative, to show the product in its essence.

This type of structure is usually used for the launch of new products (one or several of small dimensions in a range) and in different sectors, including:

. Technology (TV, Smartphones, Sound, Tablets..)
. Appliances (very common in small appliance and air conditioning)
. Pharmacy (much used in its over-counter location)
. Plumbing
. Construction
. Home (do-it-yourself, gardening, household appliances)

In its design it is very common to integrate dispensers of explanatory and even promotional brochures to access some draw for the purchase of the same one promoting its properties of launching and introduction on the market.

Is a tool much used by our clients it is to use these exhibitors to show them in conventions or fairs in its promotional stand.

In the following gallery of images we show you some work done in our company in this type of advertising claims for the point of sale or conventions.
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