Sun creams display stands by RSL

High temperatures are approaching and sun creams are essentialy a summer product.

At RSL for weeks we have been developing new projects for the big brands in the sector of this type of products in new and innovative structures and their new image at the point of sale for the immediate campaigns.

These products are an indicator of the beginning of the summer campaign and also its end, when they begin to be replaced by other cosmetic products such as repairers to cure the skin of the effects that the sun has been producing throughout the summer. Or for the new autumn tones, which mark the beginning of the return to school and also the return to work.

Being very short campaigns, they must be intense and marketing teams have to take great care in the design of the display stands to differentiate these from the rest of the brands and achieve the own market.

Sun creams associated with positive situations

Display stands for sun creams must have images in which this product is associated with positive situations: a day at the beach with the family in which parents apply sunscreen to their children; put on sun creams while enjoying the views of the sea; the bottle of sunscreen sticking out of the beach bag when arrive to sand with friends...

All these situations are the ones that people associate with vacations and fun, and if you manage to combine this image with your sun cream brand, the chances of it being chosen over others will be greater. Other aspects that should be highlighted in the sun cream display is the degree of protection of the cream and also its texture.

In the case of specific sunscreens for the face or for children, this will also stand out in a powerful way on the display so that there is no mistake. Face creams are easy to recognize because their packages are smaller. In the case of creams for children, it should be highlighted from what age the kids can use it.

Impulse buying associated with other products

To achieve sales in sun creams, a resource that can give very good results is to place small exhibitors with sun creams together with other products whose sales can be linked. For example, getting the supermarket to place a display of sun creams next to the typical beach products, such as towels or beach chairs.

Thus, by the time a person buys a beach bag and a towel, they can already buy sun creams. Seeing them right next to your beach kit will remind you of the need to take this product too, and it's checked that when it's offered right next to it, many customers no longer bother to visit the sun protection section, but choose what that gets in front of them and saves them time, as long as it's reasonably priced. This happens even when the product is not in offer period.

Large display stands with offers in end-of-summer sun creams

Sun creams are sold during the summer holidays and once they are over, people do not usually buy this product. Manufacturers of this type of products know this very well, so at the end of August the most aggressive campaigns must be carried out to end all the accumulated stock, since sales in September will be much lower.

Totem-type displays are very effective, especially if they are associated with offers with discounts for the purchase of more than one unit. This ensures that the customer notices the product and, with a bit of luck, buy two units instead of just one. In this way, sales will be increased and the last push will be given to the campaign before the end of the summer.

Although the holidays are getting longer and longer until September and this month is already the favorite of many people to go on vacation, many of those who choose this month, especially the last fortnight, no longer choose sunny destinations and this is something that sunscreen manufacturers know well.

With these campaigns in the last fortnight of August, it is possible to avoid leaving much stock unsold. For this reason, the sunscreen sales campaign will be more aggressive the more units remain in stores.

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