Evolution of display stands at the point of sale

The advertisement at the place of sale or PLV is defined as any form of advertising designed with the intention of influencing the consumer within an establishment. 

That is advertising at the place of sale is based specifically on physical materials aimed at publicizing a brand, product or promotion by attracting the customer's attention and influencing the purchase decision.

Within this definition we can consider the posters, displays, stoppers and as a highlight the display stands. 

The fact that it is built on physical materials means that the display stand has to carry on a number of characteristics to cost-effective and functional: it must be easy to produce, assemble, disassemble and transport; that is, in addition to being light, its volume must be optimized for packaging and transfer. 

When designing it, we have to take into account that an display stand must increase the added value of the products presented in order to get the customer's attention.

In generic terms, on-site advertising is a technique that has been used inside establishment for decades. 
Due to its popularization one of the main challenges facing the PLV today and obviously the display stands is that of differentiation. 

How can we achieve this differentiation from one brand and to others in a saturated environment and very competitiveness?

At Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL we are at the forefront of all new techniques and the latest technological advances applying them to our products enabling all our customers to create and implement.

The three key aspects in the evolution of display stands

- Design and materials:

In the beginning many of them were only differentiated by the color and the upper label, following many of them very similar aesthetic standards.

But as new tools, machinery and materials appeared to be able to shape and create structures massively, many changes in the shapes increasingly identified with the product or brand were appreciated, enhancing customization.

In addition, in terms of materials, the emergence of new lighter compounds increased exponentially comfort both in assembly, disassembly and transport and in the durability of the structures. 

- Effects and digital era :

New lighting techniques, digital resources such as touch screens or tablets integrated into the furniture itself, augmented and virtual reality, information beacons that interact with the user's mobile phone, have burst spectacularly in the display stands giving them bigger force of attraction expanding all frontiers for marketing teams, designers and creatives.

Through technology, the limit is in the imagination being possible to innovate in the way to achive the consumer with a field open to envolve that will bring us many surprises in the immediate future.

- Logistics and communication

If progress is made in the manufacturing aspect by increasing the capacity to produce large quantities, it is obvious that it has to go hand in hand with large logistical and communication resources at the time of undertaking a project in permanent contact with the customer.

To do this, all the logistical resources offered by this sector and the new advances in online communication must be used to achieve all the defined objectives.

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