The display stand as a channel of emotions.

One of the biggest objectives of any advertising message is to convey emotions that encourage the purchase.

Many resources are used, colors, phrases, shapes ... all in perfect harmony embodied in the support or media to convey to the customer exactly what conditions a positive reaction towards the brand or product.

Obviously, the exhibitor becomes a great protagonist at the point of sale as the last and definitive link by the means used to boost consumption.

An exhibitor or promotion point must cause in the potential buyer an emotional response that leads him, as a last resort, to buy the product that is advertised.

Getting an emotional response is one of the jobs that marketing experts do.

After market researches and the way buyers think together  with the fashions and the latest trends, the most successful campaigns are designed using the display stand as a reference in the commercial area that will make the buyer respond emotionally and be fixed.

There are different types of responses and, depending on what you aim to sell and the type of campaign, you will provoke one or the other to encourage sales.

The reactions are, very frequently, instantaneous and for the buyer who acts obviously consciously this impulse comes from the subconscious in which through different strategies  has already been acted.

It is therefore an immediate connection that has to be taken advantage of at the moment.

We show you four examples.


One of the answers that can be searched with displays causes surprise.

For example, a product with a renewed display causes surprise,  makes the buyer look and if the makeover campaign is accompanied with a discount promotion, this may be the detail that hits anyone who seems surprised by the change, end up buying convinced of the savings.


The feeling of luxury is paramount when a consumer purchases certain types of products such as cosmetics or perfumes and the exhibitor has to convey this emotion perfectly.

The structure, materials, colors must perfectly send the message of idyllic life typical of celebrities and glamour.

Products of this type in which luxury is sold do not have to be overly expensive, but we cannot fool ourselves, nor can they be cheap or excessively promoted. They must enjoy a certain category and class, being also a fundamental part of the packaging of the product sold.


A call to remember works very effectively if your product is aimed at a specific target that can be between the ages of 40 and 60.

A reference in the furniture, for example, with a “vintage” label, will appeal to other times and the consumer will associate the brand with their childhood and adolescence, making much more inclined to purchase.


The can also cause a feeling of affection and tenderness in the customer. Warm colors, soft or fluffy typography, furniture form, images ...

It is something widely used when we talk about products aimed, for example, at babies.

Well-known are also seasonal promotions focused on this type of emotion, for example, Valentine's Day or Mother's or Father's Day.

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