Tips to determine which type of display is best for your campaign needs

Advertising displays stands are an indispensable tool in the marketing strategies and promotional campaigns of any type of company and are intended to encourage the sale of a product or inform about some aspect related to a promotion.

The point-of-sale display stand is key to increasing the visibility of your product, so that by making it more visible, it gets consumers to opt for your brand by incorporating the logo, slogan or any other identifying feature. recognizable the brand being promoted.

The consumer values being able to feel, smell and touch the product and if the display provides sufficient reasons for yours to be chosen ahead of other competing products, you have everything to win.

How to give these reasons? Offering quality products and a clear call to action through our magnificent displays that frame the product.

Thus, when planning what type of exhibitor will be ideal to achieve the set objectives, several basic key points must be kept in mind.


The first point to take into account are the physical characteristics of the product such as dimensions, units to be placed per line or tray (in the case of a totem) or its weight to determine the robustness of the structure.

Fortunately at Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL we are prepared to create each display to measure and adapted to the properties of all the products such as resistance and the necessary dimensions.

Another determining factor is whether the product to be dispensed will be through a blister for which the structure is adapted with the necessary guides determined. Or, if the product is a combination of several, such as a matrix product that will be located in trays, with accessories in blister, for this a hybrid display would be designed with trays at the bottom to provide solidity and balance and the lines blister at the top for accessories.


When planning an exhibitor, it must be very clear where it should be located on the commercial surface.

If the display has to be located at the entrance of the premises, it is a priority to take its dimensions into account so that it is easy to implement and is not a problem for surface managers.

Likewise, if it has to be located in the hallways, it must be designed so that it does not hinder passage or prevent the client from feeling comfortable during their journey.

There are endless possibilities to adapt each display to all spaces without altering a good shopping experience.


Another fundamental point that will determine the success of the exhibitor is to determine if it must always be located in a certain area of the commercial surfaces or, due to campaign strategy, in a phase of the campaign it will have to change location.

For this, it will be decisive to design the structure with the greatest possible mobility facilities such as wheels or that the elements are removable in the easiest way possible, helping and facilitating the work of the store teams.


The display stand is a fundamental extension of your sales campaign and acts as a great ambassador on the front line of action, being decisive in the consumer's purchasing decision regarding other competing products.

Therefore, it is essential that it aesthetically matches both the corporate brand colors and those of the projected promotional campaign.

In this way, if the consumer has already seen your campaign in other media, they will quickly associate and identify your product, facilitating the purchase.


In line with the previous point, it is accepted that the message or messages launched on the display, whether through signs or brochures incorporated into it, are in accordance.

Let us remember that they must be short and direct impacts, choosing the right words very well so that they penetrate the customer's mind in the shortest possible time, quickly enabling a clear call to action for the customer to buy the product or consume the service.

In addition to the generic campaign promotional message, a message expressly adapted to the exhibitor's tool can be incorporated depending on the projected campaign. It should be as personalized a message as possible. The client must think that this message is only by and for him.

Keep in mind that although you can speak face to face, it must be a message that shows respect at all times and never seems like an order or imperative message.

The customer should have the feeling that they need the product, not that you are forcing them to buy it.


When the client or potential client sees the display, they must remember (if they did not buy the product at that moment) where they saw it. And to speed up access to this memory, there is nothing better than strategically placing the logo of the campaign, brand or business.


When designing the display, it is crucial to know who it is designed for and who your customer target is.

If the campaign or brand is aimed, for example, at a children's audience, it must be composed (in addition to everything previously mentioned) of striking elements, vibrant colors and animated motifs, in short, everything necessary to capture the attention of parents and children.

If the target audience is a middle-aged man who knows very well what he wants and how he wants it. In this case you should opt for a sober, elegant advertising display that denotes an air of exclusivity.

The idea is to know what or for whom the product that is going to be exhibited is intended and from there, choose design, colors or important messages.

At Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL our design and manufacturing professionals will always be fully involved with your project and we will guide and advise you, integrating with your team, guaranteeing the success of your campaign.
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