What is the right time to change the design of your display?

Many companies have doubts when is the ideal time to change display stands.

Renewing the image of the display stands is essential to continue holding the attention of the consumer without making the mistake of falling into excess.

With the excess we refer to making very radical changes towards the corporate line that has been maintained for a period of time because in this way the customer is confused.

Changing the typography of colors of the Brand dramatically can be damaging for the consumer to distinguish the product at glance.

This does not mean that these things cannot be modified, great brands have done it, although obviusly not continuously and there must be a good comunication campaign behind to introduce the new graphic aspect into the mind of the consumer.

On the other hand, always maintaining the generic graphic matrix or a new one due to, as we have just pointed out, a change of aesthetic direction of the Brand, changing the images of the exhibitors adopting certain strategies is beneficial to the recovery of sales and discovering of the Brand.

There are some perfect ideas to do it, these are some of them.

Important promotions

Whithout a doubt, a promotion is an ideal time for a design change in the exhibitor. Depending on the durability and promotional strategy the change may or may not be permanent.

For example, you can create a specific display for the promotion that will be used while it lasts so that the client perceives that it is something different than usual and then return to the previous display stand.

Or, if you wish, you can take advantage of the fact that you have already made changes in the display stand so that, once the promotion is completed, you bet, on a model completely renewed for a season regardless of wheather there is no new promotion in progress.

Season changes

Another resource widely used by brands with seasonal products. For example, to promote the sales of hot chocolate drink in winter, a glass of this drink with a mist transmitting the sensation that it is very hot, will undoubtedly attract in the attention of the consumer.

In the same way as to promote this product in summer, playing with an image of condensation on the glass indicating the freshness of the drink, or indicating that cocoa poles can be made in the image of a child tasting the ice cream will undoubtedly result in a powerful attraction argument.

It itself, the product does not vary, simply altering the image of the exhibitor with posters of added elements allows the brand to be much more versatile to promote its consumption from single post to another.

Renew the image with some frequency.

Without forgetting the above mentioned about the coherence regarding the basic graphic concepts it is important to avoid that the exhibitor is anchored for a long time with the same aesthetic. 

It is important to make changes with a certain frequency or there is a risk that the advertising support loses its power of attraction by eliminating the surprise factor as the client unconsciously becomes accustomed to that image, ceasing to atttract attention

Changing the design of the display stand at least once a year, updating it and making it more attractive is always a good idea and a good investment. If you do not desire to make a radical change, at least if a more current image to keep the attention of the public

Recover aesthetics from another succesful campaigns.

Many have been the companies that have recovered the essence that led them to success by returning in the argument that at one time or another were introduced in the mind of the consumer that today remain as a powerful indetification of the brand.

Something does not always have to be new to get attention. Right now the eighties and nineties are in fashion, we can see it in the series and in the movies. So if you have the design of an exhibitor of that time it can be a success to recover it with a small restyling adapted to our time.

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