Mistakes to avoid with advertising totems

Advertising totems are possibly the most common and used type of exhibitor as they offer great advantages to any business that uses them. 

It's goal, like other exhibitors, is to attract the consumer to get more sales either instantly with those who are dispensers, or later in the news.

Before deciding on a totem as advertising structure we have to take into account various concepts to enhance its advantages avoiding wasting time and money in a marketing system that does not adapt to your needs. 

Therefore, when designing this tool, which is part of an advertising strategy, it is necessary to avoid:

1. Use the same totem for very diverse target audiences. 

Trying to expand the audience to reach more targets, the totem target may be lost and the result of the advertising impact may not be as expected. 

As much as the product is universal, the type of customer varies. What attracts women may not be the same as attracting men or a teenage audience.

It is essential to adapt this type of advertising to the right target audience and not to lose out on covering too much by losing the essence of the campaign, the message and the product. 

2. Avoiding any previous research process 

It is essential to carry out previous market studies in any communication strategy.

When using the totem we must take into account and know how to use everything that the study reveals to obtain an adequate return minimizing risks and maximizing the results of the invested capital. 

So knowing the target audience and the profile of potential consumers will help to create the appropriate advertising messages to include the totem.

This is reflected in the structure in its colors, dimensions, content and shape being very important to perform analysis about its correct location in the different commercial surfaces where they will be implanted to achieve successful results. 

3. Being insubstantial 

And being boring in any message or advertising campaign is obviously harmful. Therefore if the messages are not motivating and inducing action will not attract the attention of the consumer.

Slogans and messages must be genuinely attractive and irresistible in sight. 

Both design and materials have to be of quality so that it is resistant and draw attention to attract the consumer target chosen in the strategy.

4. Wrong location 

We have already mentioned that in the previous study to design the communication strategy it is vital to design a planning of location of these devices in the different commercial surfaces where they will be implemented

Having all the data is when you have to choose where to place the advertising totem.

To point out that if they are promotions of small products they are usually located around the counter or at the entrance. This type of acquisition is known in marketing as hot shopping and are ideal for generating buying momentum.
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