Factors that determine the POS display success

Obviously advertising is an essential area within any business strategy of all companies.

Communication is often confused with advertising, whether advertising is encompassed within the entire communication planning and philosophy of a company and to explain it simply, advertising is more focused on the promotional nature of a product or service, being the fastest way to make them known.

Another thing is whether the strategy is appropriate and the differential arguments with respect to the competition are powerful enough for the consumer to choose your offer instead of another, a task destined for the marketing, commercial and communication teams.

Beyond the online promotional options offered by the internet, nowadays an essential medium and with infinite possibilities for any company, the offline or physical environment is just as important and must be combined with all the online actions encompassed in proper planning.

Advertising at the point of sale is the culmination in terms of advertising media used because it is at the point of sale where the customer buys and makes the final decision.

It is true that the consumer can go with a certain and fixed idea to buy a product or contract a specific service, but we have to bear in mind that he can always change his mind and loyalty to a product or brand breaks at any time due to the great offer existing in any market and sector. We are in the era of hyper-competition.

What is and what is the function of a POS display?

The classic advertising display simply consists of those physical advertising elements that help give visibility to specific promotions. Normally they are usually stands, crests, posters, banners, etc.

Being able to be placed in different strategic places, whether they are checkout lines, counters, showcases, outside the establishment... makes them a versatile advertising method.

The advertising display will always seek to convey something, either to display printed advertising in an attractive way or in a didactic way with the aim of interacting with the customer.

In a multitude of formats and materials, the keys to a good advertising display go through; achieve interactivity, be visible in a good space for use, attractive images that convey the quality of what is intended to be displayed, a striking message, a call to action and, finally, that the brand name stands out.

The most important key points to take into account, to achieve a successful campaign using advertising displays.

Advertising displays created by professionals

It is important that you have displays created by teams of professionals in the sector with which to offer future clients quality information where you can find advice at all times.

Always offer interesting information

Wanting to attract the attention of the consumer, a display must always have elements that silently attract the purchase of the product. The snared information must be clear, direct and easy to read, always inviting interaction.

Expand the target

You should not address a single target audience, that is a property of the product or service.

POS displays will always be exposed without segmenting by age or gender. Therefore, the messages to be shown on the displays must have the ability to speak to the public regardless of who sees it.

It is necessary that the message is transmitted in a clear, concise, and simple way.

Brand-Customer connection

It is essential that the customer connects with the brand and that they quickly recognize where their favorite products are.

In addition, maintaining a consistent aesthetic line in terms of colors and structure design will make the consumer identify you with a simple look.
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