Thermochromatic inks. The latest trend for interactive packaging projects.

The world of printing there are countless inks such as aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, latex… 
And among them are high-tech thermochromatic or thermochromic inks. We can increasingly see this new advance in product packaging.

These inks reversibly change color with temperature. This color change occurs within a temperature range. Typically developed for printing temperature indicators suitable for drinks. 

This technique makes the product impact much more directly on the consumer and draw your attention to the exhibition.

You can communicate the message or image you want, being able to use both cold and heat, therefore, the possibilities are endless.


Irreversible: these are inks that only change once. When the color appears it remains even if the temperature changes. 

Reversible: When the temperature returns to the non-activation state, the original color appears. 

These inks can be applied on multiple surfaces such as wood printing, plastics, ceramics, glass...


Its most significant feature is that, by the effect of temperature, inks change their tonality from a visible color to daylight to another color or invisible. 

It has 3 temperature ranges:

. Cold temperature: At room temperature the color is not visible and appears below 10°C. 

. Body temperature: At room temperature the color is visible and disappears above 32º C.

. Hot temperature: At room temperature the color looks and disappears above 47º C. 

Many brands have already joined the use of thermochromatic inks to offer an interactive experience to the consumer. 

In the following images we see its application in soft cans and pastries.

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