Buff Display

In this recent project we were entrusted with a mobile and fully functional display incorporating rotation for consumer confort.

In addition, the design had to convey elegance and warmth, hence the combined with wood and metal sheet.

Talking about Buff is not simply talking about the leader in its category, but likewise around the absolute acknowledgment of the same, because at this point is no other product equal to it.

Its creator Jean Rojas, designed the seamless tubular accessory just started in 90´s. Today the Barcelona company, commercializes and distributes the famous Buff with multiple models and designs throughout Europe, spreading out its offer to caps, scarves, tubular and a wide variety of merchandise aimed at an increasingly wide audience.

Technical features

- Revolving display
- Materials: Wood and sheet metal.
- Screen printing on both sides.
- Dispensing hooks transverse to the sheet metal modules
- Finish of said hooks with termination with injection caps that include trademark engraving. 
- Volumetry: 34 cm wide x 34 cm deep x 175 cm high (the hooks make a total of 52 cm long)

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