Display for Periche Profesional

In this article we introduce a display done by Periche Profesional firm. Periche Professional headquarters is located in Barcelona and operate in 22 international markets. It´s for hair cosmetics market a benchmark for professional of hairdressing.

The most important aspect of this display is the incorporation of fluorescent light. In several articles on our blog, we pointed out the importance of equipping exhibitor lighting effects because it increases their attractiveness, boosting the direct contact between client and product.

In this case the use of this type of lighting and  strategic layout of the shelves provides an exhibitor the elegance and aesthetics of the product creating an attractive and refined structure.

Technical features

- Display of ground with tube structure. Rack model of two sides
- Folded sheet sides.
- Polystyrene base.
- Three-color screen printing on both sides.
- Four tempered glass trays.
- Upper front and back label in 3 inks.
- Fluorescent lighting in each corner covered by folding and punched polystyrene sides with die cut top cover

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