Display stands become the great ally of merchants during the period of commercial re-activation.

After the commercial closure of many establishments during the quarantine period due to COVID-19, many are the establishments that, under current regulations on safety and prevention, have returned to their activity in one way or another and subject to certain conditions in depending on the situation in your risk area.

Many promotions have been activated to boost sales and if we add to this that it coincides with the sale period, especially in the textile sector, all the tools and strategies become necessary to recover lost ground during the closing period.

Use the display stands wisely:

The display stands, in this situation, still gain more prominence, setting up themselves as a great generator of product sales.

Remember that we are in an atypical situation in which both seller and consumer have been affected by their trends and customs and it may happen that what promised to be the most explosive sale of the summer does not finish working.

Depending on the management of the establishment, it is possible to have large quantities in stock of many references and a special display to promote .it may be the solution to give it greater visibility and present it to the customers as a purchase opportunity. A well-located, large and well-known display stand is exactly what is needed in these cases.

A "totem" type display placed in a position of high traffic and visible in the store with signs of the type "Opportunity", "Unique Promotion", "Special Price" will undoubtedly be of great help to make the product even more appetizing . Many customers who in other conditions had not detected the product will do so and end up buying it.

In addition to increasing sales and therefore recovering cash, it will be possible to prevent this stock from accumulating until the following season, occupying the space necessary for the autumn / winter season.

Much attention at the end of the sales:

At the end of the sales, some businesses neglect the appearance of their windows by removing an item to sell it and not replacing it with another, which fosters a careless and unattractive image, in addition to conveying to the buyer the message that there is not too much to buy by finding only what no one has ever wanted before.

This situation has to be avoided at all costs and using exhibitors also becomes a great resource.

Surprising with a change of showcase incorporating a special display for the end of sales and a large selection of what is left inside to sell is a good strategy to continue conveying the feeling of opportunity.

Customers will see that the end of sales is worth going to and will assume that they will find things to their liking due to the wide variety and even lower prices.

Without a doubt the showcase will stand out among the rest, managing to attract many customers.

3x2 display stands

This type of promotion is well known to all
and works year after year, if the location of the product in an exhibitor is added to it, the promotion becomes a great temptation also helping the possible problem of over-stock mentioned above.

The products can be the same or different giving away the least expensive, even making a pack, obviously depending on the physical characteristics of the product, and placing it in a dispenser, either in the form of a tray or hooks with blister packs.

In addition, these types of display stands will always serve for future promotions and can be filled with those products that you want to liquidate, both due to excess units and if there are few left with the purpose of finishing selling them, as the novelties of the new season will soon arrive.

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