Recommendations to re-activate your business during Covid-19

Many are the businesses that are pending the evolution of the difficult situations we are going through and what will be the regulations to follow in order to keep the business open.

It is true that the influx of the customers will be somewhat reduced or it will be passed around during business hours, with the hours of great influx being modified by more distributed visits and undoubtedly both entrepreneurs and consumers will have to get used to something and it is in view of the queues to access the surface.

So we enter the already popular "new normal" and after spending a very hard time the shops reopen their doors with agreed hours or not depending on the type of business along with the phase in which their area is.

This new normality will not be similar to the old one, at least initially, so it is indispensable to receive an action guide so that clients who arrive to the store are satisfied and give again.

1) Control the capacity of gauging.

It can certainly be upsetting to some customers and they choose to leave, but their obligation on merchants to proceed with this security measure.

There are different methods although people have proven to fully understand this measure and respect queues with patience.

In the change of client access and the employees ask the next one to pass, it is convenient to separate the entrance from the exit, avoiding coincidences and closeness.

Many establishments have incorporated external personnel from security companies to carry out this task.

2) Locate a disinfection point at the entrance.

It is essential to locate a gel dispenser and gloves at the entrance of the surface so that customers who wish to access proceed to disinfect.

The access controller mentioned above in some establishments can also provide single-use masks. This controller will also accept the appropriate order to be able to require clients to use or not the mask.

At Manufacturas Metalúrgicas RSL we have developed a new range of structures for this purpose.  CLICK HERE

3) Give masks to customers who need them

We just mentioned that the gatekeeper may have orders to require the use of a mask.

For this purpose and in the event that this is the measure adopted, we must know that hygienic masks are not mandatory in most establishments (in fashion establishments if they have chosen to compel their use), therefore a great choice would be to give these masks as gifts to clients who need them.

The client will certainly feel more secure and it is a great gesture of courtesy. The masks not only protect the client but the rest of the people in the establishment, including the workers who, obviously, will be perfectly equipped with all the security measures.

The masks can also be delivered in a bag or wrapped in an envelope with the establishment's logo and a promotional and encouraging phrase, making it a great promotional item.

5) Show and inform with posters and panels of security and cleaning measures.

The client has the right to know what measures are being taken in the establishment for their protection, therefore, to place posters and panels at the main points of the establishment (obviously at entry and exit) next to those with the most traffic (cashier area, counter, etc.), always reassures the consumer.

It is likewise essential to have a cleaning team that disinfects the furniture of the premises. Obviously on small surfaces with few employees this task is carried out by the store team.

6) Be consistent with the measures.

It is coherent, consistent and mandatory for everyone's safety to comply with the most effective protection and security measures. This effect will result in customers seeing that everything that is advertised is done without generating doubts about it.

Therefore, if in a supermarket it is announced that the line of boxes is disinfected after attending to each customer, we must not forget to do it in a hurry and queue.

Failure to do so, apart from being dangerous, would be terribly counterproductive to the establishment on an economic level since customers would probably not return.

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