Why advertising with point-of-sale displays is so effective

Point-of-sale is key to a successful business.

Digital marketing is a fundamental tool today in any business and undoubtedly offers great advantages and benefits; however, traditional marketing, the fundamental basis of any company, is that it offers exclusive benefits for a customer to decide whether or not to enter a store or buy a product instead. And something very important: Remember or not, where you saw a product or where you bought it and recommend it..

Therefore, these factors are key to winning customers and it is paramount to choose the right advertising. 

It is proven and booming that advertising with exhibitors or displays is one of the most reliable and profitable methods to implement at the point of sale informing and / or highlighting the characteristics of a product and most importantly, differentiating it from its competition..

It is what the customer sees when he enters a commercial surface at first and what he is going to get his attention and stay in his memory. 

Therefore it can be said that this type of advertising is effective, among other factors, for several primary reasons:


The digital world floods us with ads and advertising of all kinds, in social networks, e-mails that arrive in our inbox and that, although some of them may be very tempting. 

We do not claim that this type of advertising is not effective, on the contrary, and obviously has its advantages as the immediacy of reaching thousands or millions of people in an instant but it is obviously cold and sometimes overwhelming.

Advertising with exhibitors brings that warmth that other online advertising campaigns can never have. 

The direct contact with the customer, being able to touch or see the products is something of irreplaceable value.


This type of advertising makes the customer feel the need to buy or consume the service at the moment. 

Does not give rise to excuses or time intervals in which the customer can think better or leave it for another day. This is an offer, a service or product, which is there. And maybe tomorrow it's gone.

In this case, internet offers hundreds of offers but in most cases they are offers that we can access at another time or keep looking at other prices. 
The advertising offered by the point of sale is a decision in which the customer must act on site. If he loses the opportunity he will have a sense of guilt that he will certainly not want to have.


When a customer sees advertising in the point of sale and realizes that all colors, fonts and even the message are customized to the store's characteristics, you can see that it is a customer-committed store.

It strives to do its best and tries to make customers feel satisfied when they go to that particular place to buy. In addition, with advertising with exhibitors you have the opportunity to create unique campaigns where only imagination will be your limit. 

Includes messages that arouse curiosity or offers that make anyone amazed. Not only will you gain loyalty, but the customer will also recommend you to their loved ones or acquaintances.


Transmitting emotions is vital in any communication strategy. If you're the people you enjoy making others experience intense emotions… this kind of advertising can do it. And that, precisely, is what makes it effective. 

By overturning emotions and feelings into a product, the customer can notice it and make it buy or consume a service.


Advertising with exhibitors is effective for several reasons: 

- In most cases, it is more profitable than other advertising. 
- It relies directly on the needs of the client. 
- The point of sale plays a key role in consumer decisions.

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