Selection of Projects Food Industry


Stationary and detachable displays, featuring images of promoted product to enhance its sale. Also embellished with trimmings such as tablecloths, bread baskets, timber, awning, etc…

Components that convey the pleasure of enjoying superb baked goods at breakfast or snack time.


Countertop units, plattforms and mobile, stationary, or detachable display stands.

Attractive designs with features comprised of elements of higher lure, such as cold drink display fridges.

Flood-lit systems to increase visual appeal and attractiveness.


Eye-catching, impulse-purchase products designed for the sweet tooth. 

Practical and multipurpose displays intended for product storage.

With set or adjustable price-tags for quick viewing. Equipped with convenient tray inserts for showcasing, as well as quick access and supply. 

Adapted for multiple assemblies by placing hanging displays added to its structure to make the most of the locations in any part of the point of sale, also on the counter.


Any concept is amendable to the needs of the product.

Whether fridge covers, or folding and mobile displays, can be attuned to its packaging design as an arresting extension of the product itself to enhance its appeal and unity, and matched to any surface or element.