Selection of Projects

Display Stands with Manifold Tiers

Multitiered displays regulated to the publication’s guidelines.

Agent logo on display at top, base, or side panels, depending on the design of the structure.

Display Stands with Tier or Top Pane

Single-tier stationary display stands or revolving pegboards with top pane, as befitting. Panel for agent logo positioned wherever required.

Flat or curved base, or a combination of both. Unlimited possibilities as an attractive appeal for press or trade magazines.

Countertop Displays

Revolving counter unit with pedestal and sleeves for multi-media literature.

Proportions and volume scope compliant with every project and publication.

Top logo panel bespoke to the medium.

Hanging Displays

Simple, practical and effective lure for any publication and set anywhere in the locale. Also compliant to all scopes of magazine, newspaper or sales literature.

Choice of publication’s branding.