Home Appliances

Selection of Projects

Moulinex - Rowenta

Scope of projects carried out for Moulinex and its Rowenta product range.

Arresting displays in the shape of a kitchen island with distinctive inserts and units. Floodlit features to increase its appeal.

Exemplified by solid straight trays, or grids, in keeping with product needs.

Light-enhanced to enrich its attractiveness.

Drawers and all types of accessories receptacles, including brochure holders for company literature.

Assimilation of die-cut corporate insignia to further combine with other display stands for promotional enhancement.

Air Conditioning - Other Projects

Bespoke displays to showcase air conditioning units from several companies: Fujitsu, Daikin, Daitsu, Gree.

Firm racks custom-made to securely fasten product and enhance its appeal.

Small holders for the addition of accessories and literature. Together with promotional standees.