Selection of Projects

Comercial Química Massó

Displays fashioned for Comercial Química Massó.

Mobile, stationary, and revolving display stands or countertop units for agricultural, chemical and insecticide usage.

Attention-grabbing designs, with receptacles for blister packs or trays for seed packets, such as the chimney replica made for the Fuegonet trademark.

Semillas Batlle

Displays crafted for Semillas Batlle.

Metal racks and pegboards fashioned for all types of seed packets and blister packs. Also intended for other agricultural products.

Stationary or revolving display stands and countertops for customer convenience.


Displays designed for Kenogard.

Sample display stand with top dome that can also be used as countertop.

Product supplying trays with wavy side panel designs for garden or orchard usage.