Selection of Projects Plumbing and Hardware


Display stands for the plumbing industry as a stationary or stand-alone product-showcasing unit.

Projects that blend its components to elegantly merge with the displayed product as if they were a regular fixture.

Merging brand name illumination with subdued lighting on panels enhances product’s overall effect.

Informative holders for promotional brochures, and countertops with taps.


Stationary and mobile displays specifically designed to supply products such as blister packs on hooks, or loose in trays, made to precise guidelines for optimal product placement.

Either side-panels or top/vase branding imbedded into display.

Sturdy trays and racks tailored for showcasing a large number of items.


Either with hooks for blister packs or trays with built-in price holders.

Elegant display on stand and locking glass case for exclusive products befitting for assisted sales.

Every requirement is hence covered with these displays, specifically designed for high-rotation products. Thus, significantly reducing tier placement and handling, contingent to sale needs.