Pharmaceutical and Laboratory

Selection of Projects


Stand displays, countertop units, mobile, revolving, or stationary displays of multiple shapes and designs.

Displays with brackets, hooks, and racks designed for costumer convenience and fitting product presentation.

Imaginative and attractive products, aesthetically defined for utmost appeal.

Dental Care

From small wavy architectural jobs to dispensing bowls.

Scaled replicas of product, especially fitted with multi-levelled units for its showcasing, are integrated into the design.

Display stands or countertops intended for tiny dental care items.

Cosmetics and Beauty

Conventional and wooden displays with various implements for showcasing.

Tiers and racks with holes and grooves for fastening the product, and side panels to enable the allocation of other components.

Blending of diverse materials amongst the main frame and the shelves thus enhancing the display’s visual effect.

Other Pharmaceutical and Laboratory Projects

Manifold shapes and designs.

Flood-lit panels, copious displays, and minimalistic features where the brand name stands out.

Mobile or stationary displays, and revolving pegboards, inlaid with drawers and other multiuse implements..