Selection of Projects Household


Displays created for the Bra trademark.

From conventional mobile displays to wooden stands and shelving for product showcasing.

Product moulded for optimal visual impact.

Attractive central kitchen island with dome and racks with 4 units bound by pipes, screws and clamps.


Displays fashioned for the Castey trade name.

Outstanding modular central area with 8 units (4 side and 4 central) bound by upper brackets and pipe insets, and fastened with screws.

As display stands with tiers, brackets, and price-tag holders, or as countertop for convenient customer appreciation.


Displays developed for the Tefal brand name.

Eye-catching, high-capacity display cabinet. Sides panels with shelves and central area with hooks to showcase various range of products.

Sturdy, bookcase-like stationary or mobile displays tailored for showcasing a large number of items. Featuring side trays for its replenishment.


Displays built for the Valira name brand.

Display stands and countertop units accentuating die-cuts of the product.

Displays with price-tag holders designating product collections with top racks for highlighted products.

Branding on top and base tiers.


Selection of other undertakings.

Colourful and eye-catching promotional display for the K-for Kitchen "Temptation Collection." Comprised of manifold tiers and racks at the front for product accentuation, and side hooks for miniature shopping trolleys.

As all afore-mentioned brands, these displays are ideal for their resistance and resilience and known to withstand heavy loads while retaining the elements and components needed for displaying items laid out on trays or simply hung.

Inspiring designs with brand name floodlit and further subdued lighting on panels to increase product showcasing.