Selection of Projects

Purina ProPlan

Displays made for the Purina ProPlan tradename.

Stationary display with tiers and price tags, with a 1-meter detachable frame.

Labelling on all areas of display, whether directly on frame or any other part of the design.


Displays made for Pedigree.

FStationary or mobile, either with trays or blister pack hooks, to combine both display units.

Outlined shapes in trays or scaled forms, as per the dental care display. Hence enhancing its attractiveness and appeal.


Displays made for the Satisfaction brand name.

Stationary displays with trays adjusted to product guidelines, with or without price tags, depending on project. Top branding.

Other Pet Projects

Displays created for several companies in the industry.

Display stands or countertop units, with both hooks and trays for either samples or large volumes of products.

Numerous combinations, such as merging backgrounds and side panels, or brand name positioning.